11 July 2010

Dorothy Perkins Wishlist

Hey hons, how are you? I'm writing this post while I watch Huge (abc show) and I'm super sore, I went to a cay today, I was snorkeling with stingrays, which was so cool. I can most defiantly check that of my bucket list.Well anyway, I've been watching some items on dorothyperkins.com for a while now and I think that it is time to stop looking and buy them. I put together a couple of things that I absolutely love on the site. Dorothy perkins is a UK  retailer that have the most fashionable clothing. They sell from size UK 6-22 (US SIZE 2-20),most of their shoes are killer, but Dororthy Perkins is defiantly no forever21 and wetseal or alloy, that's why I like it. Hope you are having a great day!


              1.Stone peep-toe bar platform shoes   2.Large rhinestone flower ring

            3.Beige cut-out wedges                         4.Flame black and white leopard top

            5.Rise black mesh tiered dress              6.Timeless black chain boots

            7.Rise black corset dress                       8.Cream crinkle lace trim vest

                                         9.Large rhinestone flower ring


What do you think?  





  1. I love the corset dress!!!

  2. Those wedges are hot!

  3. Nice picks!:D

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