30 July 2010

Its that time again ladies and gents. July Favorites, these are just the stuff that I adored during the month of july. Have a fantastic weekend!

                                       1. Avon 4 Color Eyeshadow Palette
                                       2. Juile Hewett Destiny Cheekie and Cheekie Brush
                                       3.Julie Hewett Ronnie Lipsick
                                       ( Such a great peachy color for the summer!)
                                       4.No Brand Bronze Lipstick 
                                       5.Maybelline Falsies Mascara
                                       6. Coco Chanel Mademoiselle Perfume

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What were your favorites for July?

28 July 2010

Browsing the internet as I always do and I came across these pair of heels,  I must say the design of the shoe is very...odd! If your wondering its,  Elephant Dung ,in shoe form! I think these shoes have caught allot of attention. Apparently the British Designer designed these shoes as a response to Chris Ofili's Elephant dropping painting of the virgin Mary. Hmm and I guess this is what he came up with. I must say this has good bead work. These bad boys or should I say smelly boys are 10 inches high. One question I have is How do they Smell? What do you think?

    Tell me your thoughts!
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27 July 2010

I ordered some stuff  from Alloy.com and Forever21.com , it nothing big but you can check it out and tell me what you think. Have a nice day! Oh! Don't Forget to put your entry in for the Fantasy Jewelry Box Giveaway here!

                             FTC: I purchased these items with my personal money. I am not affiliated with the company.  

Forever21.com : Necklace -$4.80, Necklace-$4.80, Sandals -$7.50 Earrings-$3.80
Alloy.com: America Chiffon Blouse-Sold out, Gabriella Lace Dolman-$28.90 

    Till Next Time,


25 July 2010

FTC: This haul and giveaway was all sponsored by fantasyjewelrybox.com. I am not bragging in anyway and these are my personal opinion on the product. I am  affiliated with the company and I am not being paid to do this review. 

Hey, I recently received a beautiful ring from Fantasy Jewelry box. Fantasy Jewelry Box is a company that sells wonderful jewelry for less, their motto is "affordable jewelry for expensive tastes". I chose the Shanna Large Pink Crystal Ring. This ring is so pretty and very affordable. It's adjustable ring so it fits my hand perfectly. This ring cost $36.95 and you can find it here. The ring came in a cute pink signature box and the shipping was very fast. Fantasy Jewelry Box has a wide selection of jewelry you can pick, choose and refuse. They were even kind enough to offer my wonderful followers a selection of any jewelry $35.00 and under. So to enter check out the rules below.  Till next time, Bye.  

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Any  one(1) Jewelry Piece of your choosing $35.00 and under.

Deadline: August 9th 2010 @ 11:59 EST.
1 winner will be chosen by random.org and contacted
The winner will have approximately 48hrs to respond to the email.

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21 July 2010

FTC: I was sent this pair of shoes for free , for review purposes only. I am not bragging in anyway and these are my personal opinion on the product. I am not affiliated with the company and I am not being paid to do this review. 

Hey Fashionista's, I recently received a pair of shoes from gojane.com, that are absolutely HOT!. If you don't already know, gojane.com is a website that sells all the essentials to make an outfit. I got a chance to pick out a pair of shoes that are so cute, the first one I picked sold out in my size, but I was ok when she told me I can pick out a new pair, which was freshly put on the site when I went to pick again, It was faith!. Off course I had to pick the black slouchy peep-toe booties, that are 4.5 inches in height. When I received them in the mail, it came in a plastic package that has gojane.com printed all over it, It also came with a gojane.com sticker. I think that shipping was pretty fast, with me living in the Bahamas. By the way I do not ship to my address in the Bahamas, I use a courier service, which is a life saver. Gojane.com has really good prices if your shopping on a budget and great customer service. Unfortunately gojane.com does not sell plus sizes which sucks , they have really cute dresses. These shoes are $23.40 here. Be sure to check out Gojane.com and hope your having a great day.

I give Gojane a 4/5

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   Till next time,


13 July 2010

Friends, I remember a time when I said I don't need friends, I born by myself  I'm going to die by myself, well I still think that way but you need atleast one person who you can talk to and relate to. Is it sad to say that I can count my friends on my fingers? I have 1 friend that I've  known since diapers, I lost touch with her through they years then her and I  went to the same school in grade 10 and it started all over again we do everything together, we even started a business together. On the other hand I lost touch with my other bestfriend. we talk here and there after she got pregnant, I thought she was going to come back to school but I guess I thought wrong.  Then I had a best friend who I talked to mostly everyday but for some reason that I don't know we stopped talking . As I look at it now I really don't know the reason, but she's coming to my birthday dinner and I'll know or talk or whatever. I don't know how it feels to be friends with people my own age, everyone is older than, . Does everyone has that group of friends that, one is the maneater, one single one, one is secretive and so on. I think that I'm the one who always plays the psychiatrist lol , yeaaaahh., but as I move on in life I'll meet people, lose people. Like my mom says things happens for a reason. Oh! and that crap about you keep in contact with your "friends" after you graduate high school, it's not true; atleast for me. I love all my friends , they are truly the best. Have you lost a friend and want to restart your friendship?. I know this is such a random post, but I gotta get random some times. LOL, that reminds me of a lady sovereign song.

11 July 2010

Hey hons, how are you? I'm writing this post while I watch Huge (abc show) and I'm super sore, I went to a cay today, I was snorkeling with stingrays, which was so cool. I can most defiantly check that of my bucket list.Well anyway, I've been watching some items on dorothyperkins.com for a while now and I think that it is time to stop looking and buy them. I put together a couple of things that I absolutely love on the site. Dorothy perkins is a UK  retailer that have the most fashionable clothing. They sell from size UK 6-22 (US SIZE 2-20),most of their shoes are killer, but Dororthy Perkins is defiantly no forever21 and wetseal or alloy, that's why I like it. Hope you are having a great day!


              1.Stone peep-toe bar platform shoes   2.Large rhinestone flower ring

            3.Beige cut-out wedges                         4.Flame black and white leopard top

            5.Rise black mesh tiered dress              6.Timeless black chain boots

            7.Rise black corset dress                       8.Cream crinkle lace trim vest

                                         9.Large rhinestone flower ring


What do you think?  




09 July 2010

BH Cosmetics was so kind enough to send me 1 of their 120 palette. I chose the 2nd edition palette which I am loving right know,  as you can see from my June favorites. The 120 palette 2nd edition palette has a variety of warm colors and bright, vibrant colors. I can do so much with this palette, I'm going to be using this for a photo shoot for one of my friends bathing suits that she designs, which you will be seeing. The colors in this palette are very pigmented and surprisingly not chalky like some other palette that I have tried in the past. BH cosmetics has so many palettes to choose from, like lipstick, blushes and they also sell brushes. BH cosmetics has good prices on their products. The 120 palette that I received has a gloss finish to it, which I think is very nice but shows finger prints alot.The staff at BH Cosmetics are very helpful and nice.  Below you will see some photos and I swatched several of the colors I love and a video tutorial below.  Thank you for reading, Enjoy and have a great weekend!


I give BH Cosmetics a A+

Visit BH Cosmetics here! 


02 July 2010

June has come and gone, and I have have my top fave products for it. These products keep me good which I love. #1 is the BH cosmetics 120 palette which i adore right now, it has tons of colors, look out for a review for that and you might know the rest. If you have any favorites, tell me! It's Friday...so you know what it is or maybe you don't (lol). Have a great weekend!  

01 July 2010

Ahhh, I just love July. It's my favorite month of the year. Wanna know why? Because it has the most important dates of the year in it. If you look below , you'll see!

         July 10th 2010- Bahamas Independence
So many planned event on this day, I love it. What are you going to do on Independence day? The Bahamas became independent on July 10th 1973. 37 years of Independence.  

            July 24th 2010 - My BIRTHDAY!!
I cant wait, I have so much planned. I already got my outfits for the whole weekend , Haha memories in the making. Are any of you a July Baby? 

   Have a great day!