27 June 2010

Summer Loves: Monif C

Ahhhhh, Summer is here. I know some of you dread it , but the beach is the place to be this summer. I know looking for the right bathing suit for plus size girls and women is hard but Monif C has come to the rescue. I love the way her bathing suits are fashionable , and right for your body. Monif C is a little high-end but monies worth. I've collage a couple of things that I'm feening for this summer, take a look and tell me what you think. Also check out Gabi , she's loving her espana suit.  

                                                              1. Espana Bathing Suit
                                                              2.Barbados Bathing Suit
                                                              3. Roxie Beaded Dress
                                                              4.St. Tropez Bathing Suit

Check out monif c here!



  1. those are cool. i'm a 14! there is no shame in my game. i go right for the pool and in style :)


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