25 June 2010

Jenulence Review!

FTC: I was sent these products for free , for review purposes only. I am not bragging in anyway and these are my personal opinion on the product. I am not affiliated with the company and I am not being paid to do this review. 

Hey, I have some of the most wonderful products that I got to review yet, from a company called Jenulence. Jenulence is a company that provides a variety of mineral makeup, they also carry skin care products, bath and body products and so many more. Jenulence products are also animal cruelty free. I got the chance to review 6 products, which I adore.

 First is the Pink clay mask, which is a excellent product, I use it every week and it makes my face feel like a baby butt. Literally! It exfoliates so well. It Retails for $14.00 4.OZ. Jenulence provides different type of clay for the type of skin you have. It also comes in different sizes. This is also the product that one of you are going to win!  

 I also received a antibacterial aromatherapy lavender mist spray, this spray is like febreeze and a candle in a bottle. It freshens my room and it's long lasting, it also sooth's me. when I sprayed this it calmed me and put me to sleep. The plus to this is also its a disinfecting, Which I love because I'm a germ FREAK! lol... yeah. This spray retails for $12.00     
 As you may or may not know living in the Bahamas, the islands has mosquito's and  unfortunately we have to do different things to kill them, and I hate spraying OFF! on my skin, I always immediately take a bath when I spray it on my skin, But Jenulence came to my rescue . this spray is all natural and it doesn't have any scent. I I don't feel sticky and icky when I spray it on my skin.  this retails for $16.00

 I got 2 eyeshadows in terracotta and cool cocao . I must say these eyshadows are very pigmented and I adore them I got colors that will compliment each other and these go good together. the cool cocao is shimmer and the terracotta is matte. Jenulence eyeshadows retails for $6.00

Last but not least I received a under eye dark circles concealer , this works wonders. The only downer is that it doesn't last all day. I got the economy size for $14.00

 I give Jenulence a A-

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