08 May 2010

Julie Hewett Review!

FTC: I was sent these products for free , for review purposes only. I am not bragging in anyway and these are my personal opinion on the product. I am not affiliated with the company and I am not being paid to do this review. 

Hi Ladies, I recently was sent some stuff from Julie Hewett, if you do not know about Julie Hewett, she is a celebrity makeup artist that created her own makeup line,  She has clients such as Sandra Bullock , Miley Cyrus, Nicole Kidman, Jodie Foster and too many to mention. She also has an award winning lipstick. Her products are not tested on animals which is a plus.    

Like I said I recently received some of her cosmetics and I received six of them, I was super excited to be one of them who got  to review her products. I notice every time I go to pick up my package from xpress it , I always rip the package open in the car , like a little kid at christmas. Don't we all act like that sometimes? 

First thing I got was a Chubby Cheekie Brush, this brush is super soft and it can be used for several different things, such and applying liquid foundation, blush or any type of products to your face. It gets under your eyes and really applies well. If you notice the name it has cheekie in it, well this brush was also specifally made for the cheekie product that Julie made.You will see it below. I would say that this brush is a investment piece and well worth your money. It retails for $28.00 Each, and their slogan for this brush is " the perfect brush for the perfect flush" .

Second item I received was a Cheekie. A cheekie can be used for your blush and your lips which is so cool. I received the color destiny. Whats so special about this color  is that this color was specially created for Miley Cyrus while she was filming The Last Song. The cheekie is creme base and very smooth and not sticky. it can be applied thick or sheer. The color destiny is a neutral sandy color which is sooo pretty and very moisturizing . The cheekie comes in six different colors. It retails for about $24.00 for the pot ( the one I got) and $18.00 for the pan. I can also say that in the pot size, you get alot of product and it goes a long way.    


I also received two lipsticks in the bijou collection, I got the colors Jacqueline and Ronnie. Jacqueline is a new color added to the line and it is a baby pink with a hint of lilac, this can be applied sheer or thick. I like this color and it just give me a chance to be bold with colors, the next color is Ronnie and I looked on their website but I could not find it. Ronnie is a Peachy, Pinkish color, it has a little sparkle which I absolutely love, like I said with the last product it can be applied sheer or thick. I really notice that her lip products are super moisturizing and we all like that about a product. The Lipstick retails for $20.00 each which is worth it.   

                                                                    Jacqueline Swatch

                                                                      Ronnie Swatch
Last but not least is the Dovima Eyeshadow Pan and The Single Couture Palette. Dovima is a Light Pink Peach and it is frosted , if you are wondering what frosted means , frost is like shimmery dust (tell me if I'm wrong about the frosted thing). and it goes on so well it doesn't creases up, its a big pan so its your moneys worth.The pan goes with the palette I got, The palette has a mirror and it magnetize so the pan can stay in the slot and you can change it when ever you like. It is as big as my pam and I really like it. The pan retails for $10.00 and the single couture palette goes for $8.00 . I can also say that this pan is waayy bigger MAC eyeshadow pan you get way more product.

Overall I give Julie Hewett a 9.5 to 10

Pros: Alot of product, Very Pigmented Eyeshadow, Good Coverage with the brush. The lipsticks are moisturizing. Their design on the packaging are very chic and sophisticated. 

Cons: High End Products. ( They Have alot of investment Pieces)    

Check her out at JulieHewett.net  

OH! There will be a sale on Julie Hewett on Editors Closet on Tuesday 11th, 2010 , if you want a invite leave it in the comment box below.   

    Thank you for reading!




  1. Those lippies look lovely. Im really into corals at the moment so that corally one is calling my name! :)

  2. I know right! It's super pretty.


  3. Love the pale pink lipstick :)


  4. Yeah, it is a pretty color!



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