12 April 2010

Bahamian Fashion....Straw Bags!

Hey Girls , I've been really busy this week getting some things done on my business. I'm so very excited also because I see that I will be jet setting for the most part of the year. The places I am most excited about is LA fashion week , Belize and Cancun. I missed New York fashion week because I had prior plans, but my bestie/ business partner went to new york for a whole month , great networking though. Well anyway, on this segment of Bahamian fashion, I will be featuring straw bags. Straw Bags are big here in the Bahamas, the best straw bag designer is world renowned Harl Taylor, his bags are exquisite. His customers range from Vanessa Willams to Oprah. Thats Huge to me! Harl's creation have been carried by such respected retailers as Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and Coles of Nassau. Wow! Bergdorf Goodman.  Unfortunately we lost a great designer, Harl Taylor was murdered about 2 years ago, his murder is yet to be solved, May his soul rest in peace. Down below is some of Harls creations and it you would like to purchase any of these please visit http://www.harltaylorbag.com/

Thank you for reading!