25 March 2010

Parfume's I own/ Review

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Hey, I just wanted to show you some perfume's that I have and to tell you how deliciously good it smell, because I know how people do not like to buy perfumes online because they do not know how they smell.
Growing Up my mother and aunts would always have about 6-10 different parfumes on their dressers and I would always spray them and when I got older they bought me tons of my own, and I know the different scents of parfumes and I'm going to tell you this Eau de Parfum last longer and cost more the Eau De Toilette. 

                CHANEL COCO MADEMOISELLE EAU DE TOILETTE 3.4 FL OZ $100.00 A Bottle 
                    This smells great its more of a girly, younger scent than the other Chanel perfumes. 

                                                           Ed Hardy Pink Gift set $75.00
                                                   This smells fruity and different , I love it

                                               Beckham Signature Eau De Toilette 75ML $65.00 a Bottle
   I was super surprise this is my fav parfume, I was surprise it stays on all day because it Eau De Toilette.

                                         Betsey Johnson Eau De Parfum $19.99 a Bottle
This smells very good, its kinda strong , so you don't need to spray alot. and the box is so cute and furry.
                                              Gucci Flora Eau De Parfum $90.00 a bottle
                                      OMG!!!! This smells crazy good. I love it and the bottle is cute. 

             This next one is not my own but its one I always spray from my mommy dresser.
It's called Jivago24 K and it has Real peice of gold in the bottle and it sits on a real crystal statue,                                                 $100.00 a bottle

Well I hope you like my review



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