31 March 2010

Favorite Products of the Month

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Hey Loves, This is month I want to show you all the products I used this month and I love them. The Coco Butter I'm going to show you is the best moisturizing coco butter I have ever used, also the hair treatment I have been using this Hair treatment for years , probably since I was 6 , so I guess it is a excellent product. The olay creme is not for me but I love the way if moisturize my face with out leaving it greasy. I just to note my face is not an oily type and I don't get acne neither my mother, father and brothers kinda strange but in a good way, lol anyway, Ohh! I love this new younger version of paris which is called parisienne by YSL ,OMG! I love this scent I fell in love with it so you can google it.  Here are my top faves for the month.

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