25 March 2010

Dont Limit Your Self...

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Hey Lovely ones , I just wanted to talk about shopping and limiting your self to just plus sizes. Well what I'm trying to say is when your shopping and you look at regular size clothing , I know I do. Look at the material and how it stretches , I know jersey knit are the best material to get and look at oversized shirts because they basically give you a good fit. One tip if your shopping online look at the measurements of the chest area to know it would fit good ,  knits or oversized shirts. I'm not saying that you can just go pulling ever size small of the rack , but if you take a practice to it and you can master it lol. But anyway thanks for ready and I will post some pictures of some stuff I ordered and show you how to put GREAT color cobinations together, especially how spring is HERE.

Ohh.. Can I ask you a question ?

Do you have anything against leather? I would like your opinion.



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